Dude, More Food.

It’s that time again!!!

Time for me to share what I’ve fixed from my most favorite website ever: FoodGawker!!!

This time around I have TEN recipes to share with you that I’ve made since my last post almost exactly a month ago. I can tell you right now, one failed HORRIBLY. Like, I was supposed to have made it for my father in law; and instead I just went and got him cookies horrible. Yeah, it was bad.

So – here it is! Oh, and for those of you just joining us….click on the blue words and it will take you to the website that the recipe is on, not FoodGawker. :)

Cinnamon Roll Waffles – I saw this and just went – DUH! How come I never thought of this?! The blog is in English and German which I love. I don’t have to translate anything with Google. The process is simple enough my 11-year-old could do it. Would I trust him with a waffle maker though? Nope. Everyone loved it and Keira even ate two of them! We had eggs with these as well.

Steak Fingers With Gravy – To be honest, these weren’t my cup of tea, but Jeremy wanted me to try to make them. He’s a sucker for anything with gravy. The Pioneer Woman makes this look just so easy and awesome. My try at it however was not easy and awesome. I think I had my heat up too much so I burnt the butter, therefore the gravy was a no go. Ranch dressing it was. Seth ate it, but he didn’t like it. Jeremy liked it but didn’t love it and Keira ate three fingers as long as she had ketchup to put on it. It was alright, but not great and that’s my fault, not PW’s. We had green beans and mashed potatoes with this dinner I think.

Grilled Vegetable Fettuccine Alfredo – Pasta and veggies. It was very yummy! I wanted a little more creaminess but everyone else seemed to be happy with it. Only thing I’d change: no artichoke hearts and use canned carrots. No one liked the artichoke hearts except me and the carrots didn’t cook all the way so they were slightly crunchy. No one seemed to mind that though. I might make this again. We had garlic bread with this dish.

Meatballs Stroganoff – Everyone loved these meatballs!! Keira ate like three of them and there weren’t any left for leftovers the next day (I always try to make extra). To be honest though, I totally spaced and didn’t buy noodles!! What did we do? Made meatball sandwiches! Me and Seth added ketchup to ours but every one was happy! We had chips with this dinner.

Black Bean and Chicken Salad – It was okay, not the greatest. Me and Jeremy liked it. Seth not so much. Keira would only eat the beans and the chicken out of it. I don’t remember what we ate with this but you could even put this in tortillas and eat it like tacos!

20 Minute Easy Tortellini Bake – I bought this exact pasta (Butoni Chicken and Proscuitto tortellini) and everyone LOVED it!!! We made garlic bread with this as well. Everyone ate every bit of it, no left overs! Nothing else to say about this, you just have to try it. PLUS – it totally takes less than 30 minutes!

Banana Pudding – This is the one that fail miserably. I have NO IDEA what I did wrong. Followed it to a T and it was still bad. I’ll just stick to making the banana pudding from the Nilla Wafers box.

Stove Top Mac & Cheese – Looks all good and gooey in the photos. Mine didn’t look like that. I think it might have been the cheese I used. It was good. It wasn’t Velveeta good, but it was alright. I don’t think I’ll be making this again anytime soon though, I’ll keep my Velveeta.

Wonton Cup Appetizers – These bad boys were eaten up by Jeremy and Seth!! Keira and I had one each then we had to leave for dance class (she had also eaten a WHOLE APPLE). Once we got home though I heated some up and we ate several! These were the main dish that night, for sides – not much was done since I was short on time. No one complained though. I’m thinking about making these for Keira’s birthday as well. Oh, and we used ground turkey instead of ground chicken, still as good and I think on the healthier side.

Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin – Modifications to this: I put about a cup of water in my crock pot (our lid doesn’t seal as well and tends to use more water than what a recipe says) and I used garlic salt instead of actual garlic. I fixed this last night. This was also the first time I had made a balsamic glaze. I have to say – I was told multiple times last night that it was the best pork loin I’d ever fixed. Seth ate it without me having to tell him and he even asked for more glaze cause he said it was that good. He dipped his potatoes & green beans in it as well. Jeremy said dinner made him feel better (he’s been fighting back pains) and Keira ate her pork, her potatoes & green beans and all her carrots and asked for more. I thought she wanted carrots (which is the norm) but no, she wanted more pork with glaze! I was happy to oblige and she even ate most of the carrots that were left in the “community bowl” as well. After dinner we ate up the rest of the Key Lime Pie I had made for church on Sunday (it was homecoming) at the living room table. We also didn’t have anywhere to go last night so it was nice to sit back and relax for once!

Well, that’s it! If you’ve made it this far, good for you! Thank you and go have a cookie now. :) If you’ve tried FoodGawker for recipes, or have tried any of the ones I have listed tagged with FoodGawker, please let me know!

Have a great day!!


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2 thoughts on “Dude, More Food.

    • Ah! They were awesome! My husband wants me to make them again and I mentioned making them for our daughter’s birthday party and he was like “YES”. :) For our salsa we always use Newman’s Own Pineapple. Everyone in our house loves it and it’s SO GOOD!

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