Have you missed my food posts? I have 5 to share with you today and more to share later! Some may be repeated from before but that just means that we REALLY liked it and so I made it again.

How this works is this: I’ll name the dish…tell you if I changed anything in it…how we liked it…and then you can click on the name and it will link you to the website I found it on! <3 How easy is that?


Turkey Chili – We didn’t use jalapeno and we used one can of kidney beans and one can of black beans cause I forgot to get another can of kidney beans. It all worked out. I also didn’t put a 1/4 cup of chili powder cause the kind we use is hot Mexican chili powder so I only put a half a tablespoon in. It had just enough heat for us (although my husband said it could have used more). Keira wouldn’t eat it so she had a peanut butter sandwich and vanilla wafers. Our son didn’t like it. All in all it was a good dish. Worth another shot of making it later.

No Churn Vanilla Ice Cream – Totally easy to make. Tastes like a vanilla frosty to me – which is my favorite. I didn’t let it sit in the freezer long enough for our family get together so it wasn’t as frozen as it should have been but it was still good. We took home the rest to eat later but after a few days someone; who shall remain nameless; dropped the plastic container it was in and it broke and sent plastic and ice cream all over the kitchen floor. It was fine…I can make more later. That plastic container wasn’t close to my heart so no tears were shed. Although next time I will put it in something other than plastic.

Refrigerator Sweet Pickles – I made these thinking that it might come out similar to the ones that I used to devour from my great grand mother. Yeah….they didn’t. I ate a few of them and didn’t like them. Jeremy loved them. We took them to a friends BBQ and they were devoured by them and a little boy some friends of ours had with them. That was about the only thing he would eat. Jeremy said that they tasted different from the first time I tried them but I didn’t want to have disappointment again so I didn’t try them at all. I’ll attempt more later.

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus – I’d seen prosciutto in the store lots of times and I’ve thought “What do you do with that?” so I looked it up at my trusty food source….FoodGawker! That’s where I find ALL my recipes I share with you by the way. How did I not know about this amazing stuff?! I’ve made this countless times now since I first found it. It’s probably one of my favorite sides. Prosciutto can be a bit expensive (the kind we buy is $8) but I think it’s totally worth it to at least try it once! <3

3 Ingredient Strawberry Banana Popsicles – First off….Congrats to Sally and Kevin for getting married this past weekend! <3 Love your furry one was included in the ceremony! Back to these popsicles. I made these with a popsicle mold my hubby surprised me with. I was so excited to use them! <3 I loved these, so did Jeremy and so did Keira! She ate ALL OF HERS. My 12-year-old? Didn’t like it. Go figure. I will be making these in the future though!


That’s all for the time being….hope you try one of these and please let me know if you do and what you thought about it. <3 Have a great day!!



Welcome Little One….Part Two

Where were we?


So at around 2 am I finally was able to nod off to sleep. If it weren’t for the fact that the nurses came in every 30 minutes to check on me, I would have slept LOTS better. But I’m thankful they were there.

Around 4:30 I started to really feel my contractions. They weren’t bad but they weren’t as easy as they had been. One of the nurses came in, we talked for a few minutes and then I felt like I had to pee. Of course….I didn’t really have to. My water had broken…smack dab on 5 am and I was dilated at about 5 cm. Not too long after that (I’d say an hour) I heard lots of people talking and running around. My other nurse came in to check on me and said “Do you want an epidural?”

Honestly. No…I didn’t. I didn’t want one with Keira and I was hoping to try with out one this time. So I asked her why she was asking me so early (cause I wasn’t in tons of pain).

“We have a lady being life forced in from another hospital. She’s at 32 weeks with twins and she’s bleeding out. She has to have an emergency C-section and we only have one anesthesiologist here right now. If you don’t get one before she gets here….you won’t at all.” By this time Jeremy had woken up and he heard everything she was saying. So at 6:15 am I said “Yup, just give it to me.” It took him (the anesthesiologist) about 45 minutes to get there, so around 7ish (don’t ask me why he took so long, no idea). In this time we had started to call grandparents. Jeremy’s mom was up and said she’d get ready and head our way. My mom didn’t answer (she was with our other two kids remember?) and neither did Jeremy’s dad or step mom.

At this point, I was in pain. It hurt pretty bad but nothing I couldn’t breathe through and squeeze Jeremy’s hand to death about. I don’t know how long it took the anesthesiologist to actually do the epidural. I know we had to stop SEVERAL times because my contractions were so close together and I couldn’t stay still. While he was doing his thing back there….Jeremy held my hands and me as still as possible. I mentioned to the nurses that I felt pressure and they said “We will check you once he’s done.”

Finally….after what seemed like forever….the guy was done. They informed him as he was leaving that she (the lady that was on her way via helicopter) had already had an epidural or spinal or whatever done before she was even on her way. They gave me a pusher cause I was in LOTS of pain by now. The nurse asked if my feet were numb yet. “Yup. But I still feel pressure.” Her words were “Surely not. Let me check.” She did her thing. “Um…..you need to not push okay? I have to get the doctor here, your ready to go.”


So I had to sit there….trying not to push as we waited for the 25 minutes it took for my doctor to get there from is house that is less than 5 minutes from the hospital. Traffic for the cycling race was in his way and roads were blocked off that weren’t supposed to be. Once he was there he walked in, slipped on his gloves and said “Okay, well lets have a baby!” No grandparents were there. When Keira was born my mom was there, Jeremy’s dad and mom and my then sister-in-law. It felt weird for just the four of us (me, Jeremy, the doctor and the nurse) to be there. Everything was quite.

“Now, when the next contraction comes you push!” So, with Jeremy holding one leg and the nurse the other, I did. She crowned immediately. “Look at that hair!” I asked if you could already see her. The doctor had said yes and Jeremy said she had lots of hair just like Keira did. I chuckled. The doctor said, “You laugh again and she might just come out on her own!” I thought he was totally joking. With Seth I pushed for like an hour and a half. With Keira it seems like it was about 45 minutes so I thought “Yeah….right.”

So what did I do? I laughed.

And what happened?

She came out!

It was amazing. Our OB said he’s never had a baby delivered so fast OR by being laughed into the world. They laid her on my chest and covered us up with my gown. She laid there for the longest time until Jeremy was allowed to cut the cord. We don’t cut it immediately…..there is lots of research on it. Please read it. Jeremy’s mom came in not too long after that and said “I missed it?!”

We were worried she’d have some issues since she wasn’t growing and my fluid had been low but she was perfectly fine! They let her lay on me, skin to skin, for an hour! I’m so glad for that time. Please momma’s, do skin to skin for the first hour and nurse as soon as you can. It’s the best thing for baby and you. <3

After that hour they took her and started to clean her up in our room in the warmer. By this time my mom and the kids had arrived as well. Keira was asking where the baby was and Seth was on his phone (surprise). Jeremy had said that maybe we should think of a name that meant happiness or laughter since you know, she was laughed into the world. So we looked up names while she was getting her bath and getting wrapped up. Jeremy’s dad and step mom came in about this time.

We came up with Paulette and a few others. I had a great-aunt named Paulette. She was the most amazing lady. I didn’t feel right naming our bean that though. Don’t ask me why, I can’t explain it. So….for the next eight hours; while family showed up to see her and visit with us; the bean was nameless. We threw around our last list of names we had before we narrowed it down to the last two and I caught Jeremy saying one name twice when someone would talk to him about her. So….that’s the name we went with.

Without further ado……
Emma Cate was born at 8:13 a.m. and weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces and was 18-1/4″ long!

This is a picture of her not too long after she was born (on top) and Keira at a few days old (on the bottom).

All three of our kiddos…..

Hope y’all missed me. <3

Welcome Little One….Part One

On May 5th I had a doctor’s appointment – 4 weeks until my due date of June 2nd. Regular appointment with ultrasound – Jeremy was with me. We got in there. The tech is doing her thing, measuring the bean and what not. When it’s over, she says “I’ll be right back.” We thought, weird….she’s never done that before.
So when she gets back she tells us that we need to meet with the doctor in the ultrasound room with her. So we wait. I’m wondering what the heck is going on of course.

The doctor comes in, looks at some numbers the tech pulled up on the big screen for us all to see and says “I think you might need to be on bed rest.” Um, what??? NO. Long story short….she hadn’t grown very much since our last ultrasound and my fluid was bordering on dangerously low. So…there I was about to be put on bed rest. But what did I do? I convinced my doctor to let me work at least the next week but not do ANYTHING. No getting up out of my seat unless I have to pee (I was training a lady to do my job, she could get up). “Fine. But drink LOTS AND LOTS of juice.”

Over that next week I consumed more than four jugs of 72 ounces of white grape juice and unspeakable amounts of water. I was due back to the doctor on May 12th for a recheck of my fluid. So…we go…with Mamaw and Big Daddy in tow (my husband’s dad and step mom). Again….long story short – my fluid had improved some but not good enough but she did grow some! This time there was no convincing to do. I must be on permanent bed rest till the baby is due.

So, for the next two weeks I got up, saw the oldest off to school and went back to bed until Keira (our almost 3 year old) decided to get up. Then I fixed her breakfast (usually just cereal) and sat my butt on the couch until someone got there to help out that day. Usually it was Mamaw and Big Daddy. On the weekends my mom would come over and cook dinner and help clean up. They gave Keira her baths and washed and folded our clothes, cooked our dinners, vacuumed our floors and steam mopped the tile. I felt so helpless. I told myself that it was all for the good of the bean but I HATED to sit there all day.

Finally. On the 19th – we went to the doctor for the last time. She’d grown some, but still not lots. There was improved fluid, but still not good enough. I was scheduled for induction at the local hospital with the best NICU because of the fear that she may need help for midnight on the 25th. Wasn’t my hospital of choice but hey….I want her to be well taken care of if that need arose.

My mom came that Sunday night and brought dinner. Jeremy and I tried to sleep but it just wasn’t happening. I think we slept about 2 hours before we had to get up and head to the hospital. Keira had fallen asleep and we put her in her bed. Seth and mom were still up and we said our good byes. We’d call them later when my water broke (cause last time it was a while before Keira made her entrance). The drive to the hospital was filled with what if’s and talk about her name. We had decided on two finally – Adelyn and Caitlyn.

Once there we were walked to our room and I had to fill out some paperwork and do the necessary vitals and such. Jeremy got situated on the uncomfortable but large couch and I got ready for my nurse to come in and give me my fluids. I absolutely HATE having needles stuck in my hand. As I wrote that I could totally feel her sticking that in the top of my hand again. UGH. I had to also have a softener done on my cervix. You ladies with babies already know what that means. Most Uncomfortable Thing Ever In My Life. I’d totally rather have my finger nail ripped off than have that lady do that again.

Then….all we could do was wait.

That day in Chattanooga was the USA Cycling Championships. I had hoped that since it was taking place near the hospital we were in that it wouldn’t cause traffic problems for family coming to see us later. Little did I know I should have been worried about my doctor being able to make it to the hospital in time……(picture below was me on the 19th before our doctors appointment).10341598_10204106393809486_4091876931573338813_n







Holy Shazam…..

I’m back y’all!

What’s been happening you ask?

I had a baby (the third one) a week earlier than her due date and I was on bed rest before that for two weeks. That story to come later.

We’ve had problems with her insurance thanks to my husband’s work and Obama. I could rant on that for DAYS. She’s got acid reflux problems and we need to keep an eye on her tailbone but other than that she’s a happy baby!

Ah – we are also looking for a house…..again. Property taxes are going up and up thanks to our sole county commissioner and the hubby’s had enough! ;)

More to come in the next few days! Y’all stay tuned now!


28 Weeks

I have 12 weeks left to bake this bun!

We are closer to a name this week. We are down to 16 names and there are a few that stand out but we just can’t agree on one yet. We will need to figure it out soon for the invites for our “baby sprinkle”. All we really need is diapers and wipes but you will be more than welcome to bring anything else! :)


Last week was hectic, traumatic and all over tiresome.

Hectic because Origami Owl’s new Spring line is coming out and I had to order new catalogs and a designer supplement (I LOVE) and I signed a new designer (WOO HOO) and I have someone on the fence. Product was shipped in I had to deliver and I’ve started a list of those who want a new catalog….looks like I will be orders LOTS more! Oh, I also bought new fabric for Keira’s Easter dress and bought new threads and a self-healing cutting mat and two new rotary cutters! I think I’m starting to like this sewing thing lots more since I found rotary cutters! :D

Tiresome because it seems like I never stop to slow down. I always have something going on be it new software training, band concerts, appointments or just cooking dinner. I didn’t cook ANY last week. Crazy right? But I don’t know what I would do if I had an open schedule. I’d probably find something to fill it with. I can’t just sit and that drives Jeremy crazy sometimes.

Now on to the traumatic part. On Wednesday of last week (the 5th) I witnessed an accident. The car in front of me was t-boned by a lady running a stop sign. I honked my horn. The old lady driving (the one that ran the stop sign) just slouched in the seat as the SUV turned itself off. The younger lady she hit could still drive her car and was fine and moved out-of-the-way of traffic. I called 911 and told them about the accident and I started to ask the woman questions while on the phone with 911. She was moving around now.

She had lung problems she said. No oxygen or inhalers because the doctors told her there was nothing they could do for her. She had a big bump on her head already from where she hit the steering wheel (she wasn’t wearing a seat belt) and her leg hit the dash and was already bruised and purple. I told her, “If I start crying it’s because I’m pregnant okay? You’re gonna be okay, so just don’t pay attention to me.” I tried to be happy so she wouldn’t freak out. The man with her (her neighbor) just got out of the car when it stopped to pick up the bumper and other parts of her SUV that had been knocked off and didn’t even ask me about how she was.

Once the police got there I gave them my info, told them what I saw and pointed out the lady that the old woman had hit and that she was okay. The ambulance came after I left (the daycare where Keira is was where I was headed) and they took the old lady to the hospital. Of course, I wasn’t thinking about people from daycare seeing me, the pregnant lady, out where an accident had just happened. So when I got there to get Keira everyone was asking me if I was alright. All I really wanted to do was cry. I have no idea why, but I didn’t let myself.

I told everyone I was fine and what happened but I knew that the mom that got hit was a mom at the daycare, I just couldn’t remember her name. I think I almost had a panic attack as well. I couldn’t stop shaking and had to sit in my car before I went in to get Keira. My thought was, that could have been me. What if Keira was in the car with me? That lady would have hit me exactly where Keira’s car seat is.

I just squeezed her so tight when I was putting her in the car. I called Jeremy to because I needed to tell him right then or I would just burst.

I hope the old lady is fine. I hope I don’t get called to court or anything either.

Whew. That was my week. How was yours?

Baby Update & Stuff

I am 27 weeks today!

My app says that she should weigh about 2 pounds and be around 14-1/2″ long. I sure can tell cause when she moves I feel it everywhere!

Last week on the 26th, I called my OB’s office cause I was having some issues. I also just didn’t feel right in general. Their office closed at noon (which was right before I called) and a nurse called back. I told her how I felt, what was going on and that it had been happening for two days. Her words “You need to go to labor and delivery as soon as you can to be checked.” Ugh. Long story short, I went and was there from about 12:20 until 2:20. I came back to work. They monitored me, ran some tests and end the end, everything was okay. Now though I am restricted to not picking up anything over 10 pounds….which means our 2-year-old Keira.

Oh how she dislikes that.

That afternoon I had to have someone else at daycare pick her up and carry her out to my car for me because she refused to walk. I accidentally picked her up the next morning when she got up and Seth (our son) said “Mom! You aren’t supposed to do that!” Whoops. He helped me by picking her up and putting her on the bed so I could get her dressed and then by putting her in the car when we were ready to leave. I don’t know what I would do without him!

As far as the “stuff” in this post….we finally bought baby gear! I had bought only one set of three onesies before we found out if the bean was a boy or a girl, they were yellow with elephants. When we found out she was a girl, there wasn’t really a need to buy clothes cause, well….we still have all of Keira’s stuff. That being said; we didn’t have baby GEAR.

With Keira we used the cradle that Jeremy used when he was a baby (that’s about 30 years old folks) and I was adamant that we weren’t going to use that thing again. I hated it. So….we found this.
BassinetWe both loved it. It’s also gender neutral so if we decided to have another baby after this one and it turns out to be a boy (pretty please?) we can still use this. Plus…at Babies R Us this exact one retails for $170…we got this one on Zulily for $130 with shipping! Score one for us! We should get it in the next two weeks. I can’t wait!

We also got this Closet Organization set, two packs of three Tommie Tippee bottles (with one being pink and the other coming with pacifiers we were going to get anyway), this amazing diaper bag from Carter’s, a new baby carrier from Baby Bjorn (we’ve read up on these regarding hip issues and are pretty sure we will be okay as long as we keep an eye on how the baby is sitting), and last but not least: the new car seat! We also picked up Keira a folding potty seat. We haven’t gotten to try it out yet but we are hoping it helps her on her potty training!

In total we spent about $300 and saved almost $100 because of coupons we had for Babies R Us. We used them in store and were able to stack them. We had a 15% off total purchase, a spend $50 on baby gear and save $10 and the Carter’s diaper bag was 20% off. That made both of us really happy! I didn’t even know that BRU would let you stack coupons, but now we know!

All that we seriously need now is the crib, crib mattress and the double stroller we have been eyeing. Keira stayed in our room until she was about 3 months old so there isn’t a real hurry on the crib. Also, we have completely taken out the “bumpers” that matched Keira’s crib skirt, we will use those on the new baby’s crib. We are contemplating turning Keira’s crib into a daybed and we would have to get a guard rail which I don’t think that she would mind. We shall see.

As of right now, there is still no name for this bean. We’ve narrowed it down to 23. When we get to like – 10. I might post the list and see what you all think. :)

Have a great week!

Time For Food!!!

You that have been around a while know how this works.

I am addicted to FoodGawker and I try to make our weekly menu plans from it. This way we don’t get bored with the same old same old. Cause let’s face it, grilled cheese is good and so is chili, but maybe you shouldn’t eat it twice in a week. Here, I list the names of the recipe’s I tried with link’s to the webpage of who created it; if I made any tweeks to it and how everyone (the almost 12-year-old boy, the 2-year-old girl, me and the hubby) likes it. It’s been a while so – here goes – all 17 recipes. Some of the best (Besides the Orange Frothy and homemade oreos) are towards the end.


Homemade Oreos – I did everything except the 4 cups of powdered sugar. I stopped at 3. Otherwise, we couldn’t have eaten it. I did have strawberry jam that I used but I also had some strawberry extract! I added maybe a half a teaspoon and tested it out and added just a splash more. These kept for a good while. I stored them in air tight containers in the fridge and we’d either eat them cold or let them thaw out for a few minutes. SO YUMMY. You have to make these!

Ranch Bread – First – you must LOVE ranch and cream cheese equally. My hubby apparently doesn’t. :) I LOVED this and ate it for two days. The littles & Jeremy – not so much. The hubby suggested not using so much ranch at first, then he said he just didn’t like the texture of it. Creamy spread with crispy bread I guess? Like I said though, I loved this!

Light Sloppy Joes – If you don’t like the canned stuff (and to be honest, sometimes I love the canned stuff) and you’d like to try your hand at making your own sauce; here you go. Easy & simple and good! I’ve fixed this a few times and it’s by far one of the better liked sauces I’ve made for sloppy joe’s. Try it! I’m sure your family will like it too!

Orange Frothy – O.M.Gosh! Are you looking for something to totally make you feel like summer is fast approaching? Make this and you’ll feel like those 30 degree days are soon to be gone! I fixed this thinking I’d have one and Jeremy would have one and Keira would share mine. Seth wasn’t interested. Turns out I had to make TWO batches of this cause Jeremy had his and I gave mine to Keira to let her try it and she wouldn’t let me have it back!!! She drank the whole glass plus half another one! It’s seriously the best thing ever. Like orange sherbet or those orange sickles!!! YES! THOSE! I think I will have to make these when I get home tonight. Oh, one note. I put the honey in second, put it in last if you are using a NutriBullet or something similar cause all my honey got stuck in the top when I flipped it onto the blender. Second time around I didn’t make that mistake. :)

Cheeseburger Bake – It was good, not great. It could have used something else, I just couldn’t tell what. It was all eaten so that’s a plus! I don’t think this will be in my “Keep” section (unlike that Orange Frothy) but it’s worth trying again at some point.

Chips & Chili Cheese Casserole – Or cheese chili casserole….whatevs. Either way you call it, this didn’t work out for me. I don’t know why, I have no idea what happened. I fixed it. It wasn’t the best. We ate it anyway. No one complained, but I probably won’t be fixing this again.

Asian Flank Steak Marinade – It says to let it sit 10 hours or overnight. I did mine that morning and so they sat for 8 hours. They were good….but they could be better. I probably should have let them to for the overnight soak. I won’t count this out just yet…..so we will see.

Homemade Hamburger Helper – It was good! Better than the boxed stuff Jeremy said. Keira, the little sometimes picky one, wouldn’t eat the turkey in it so I had to pick all the turkey out of her bowl and she ate the rest. Seth didn’t say anything about it…..but he ate it without making faces, so – point for me! I did not put one tablespoon of chili powder in ours, I put maybe 1/4 teaspoon. We don’t like it hot people….not that hot anyway. It’s a must try for your family – swear.

Apple Pie Overnight Oats – I made this with Keira in mind. She loves oatmeal (I wish I was on that wagon with her but sometimes I just can’t). However, I did not put the dates in or the apples BUT I did put in my apple pie spice and seasonings. The next morning I just cut up apples and she scooped it in her oatmeal and ate it that way. It was pretty good. I did taste it. I wouldn’t give her anything I wouldn’t eat….what mom would? Try it for your kiddos! Oh, we had this when it was snowing and it was a nice way to warm her up from playing outside.

Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas – If they had this dish at our local Mexican restaurant – I’d be in there ALL. THE. TIME. So good & so easy!! I loved the honey and the lime in it and the hubs did to. Seth actually spoke while eating and said they were good! Keira, well….she just ate the chicken out of the enchiladas. At least she was eating! :) A must try!

Monte Cristo Sandwich – I’ve posted several (as far as I can remember) different variations on the Monte Cristo sandwich here. The last one I made required refrigeration and this one does not. Quick, easy….and YUMY as always!

Chicken Quesadillas – I did not make this the same week I made the Honey Lime Chicken ones….just so you know. :) These were just as yummy! We had probably five left over (I had made other stuff that we ended up eating more of). Turns out my in-laws came over for us to do their taxes and my FIL ended up eating two of them and said he’d eat more but he didn’t want to stuff himself! Keira just thought they were like cheese quesadillas so she was good eating them. May just make these again soon!

Strawberry Blonde Smoothie – I don’t know if it’s because of the omission of sugar or the lemon juice or the apple cider but Jeremy said it was bitter. Seth wouldn’t even try it and Keira got a pieces of strawberry in her straw and refused to drink any more. I thought it was pretty good. This probably won’t get made any more at our house cause I ended up finding the Orange Frothy….everyone loved it more than this smoothie.

Cider Glazed Chicken Bites – I must say, mine didn’t turn into a glaze. Maybe I didn’t cook it long enough? It didn’t matter, everyone liked it! Even Keira! I forget what else I fixed with this but we had maybe another serving left over that the hubs took to work the next day. It was a great new thing and although I don’t always have cider in my fridge, when I do, I’ll be making this!

One Pot Sausage Skillet Pasta – Kind of like hamburger helper but more delish!! We had leftovers and they were still good the next day! A great dish to make if you’re looking for something quick and tasty and don’t want to pile the kitchen sink full of dishes! A for sure remake at our house!

Lasagna Soup – Hmmm….I apparently love Damn Delicious and didn’t even notice it till just now! I may just hang out on her page after finishing this post! Anyway, about this soup. I made it twice in two weeks. Yup. Once for us and Jeremy LOVED it. Once for a church dinner and we had maybe two bowls left once everything was said and done. We took it to Jeremy’s dad’s house and they ate it later in the afternoon and loved it as well! I don’t know what it is but it’s addicting. LOVE it!!! A for sure “Keep” and one of the top two recipes on this here list.

Almond Poppy Seed Muffins – I have never had to make my kids leave me alone in the kitchen so much!! Once they caught wind of the almond and vanilla extracts and I told Keira we were putting cheese (ricotta cheese) in the muffins, she immediately wanted it. No matter if they were cooked or not! As for the orange bakery emulsion…I had orange extract and used that. Of course, it may be the exact same thing and I am just clueless. None the less, it worked and was SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!! A keeper for us and the other top recipe on this list!

ENJOY! If you try any of these, come back here and let me know! I need food now…..

Bad Blogger….

It’s been almost two weeks since I last blogged.

I’m sorry.

If this was my full time gig, I’d be doing a better job. I swear.

For the past two weeks we’ve had almost 70 degree weather some days (yes, right after 8″ of snow), rainy days in the 40’s and bone chilling wind. Mother Nature needs to take some supplements or something for her mood swings.

I have been cooking a lot though! So that means a food post coming soon of what I’ve made. We’ve also gotten our tax return back so we got some baby stuff! There will be a post on that soon. I’ll be working on both those today and schedule them so stay tuned.

I’ve also been doing a lot with Origami Owl lately. Several catalog parties, individual orders and a I have a jewelry bar coming up this Saturday that I still need to get some things for. I’m trying a new thing, it’s called and open concept bar. Everything will be out for people to grab and make a locket. I usually have everything in jars. We shall see how this goes. I’ve heard good things from fellow designers about it.

I’ve also found myself in the boutique resale world. Giggle Moon, Mustard Pie, Matilda Jane and the like. Resale prices are still “seriously? that much?!” but I’m willing to watch to see if there is a good deal on something, or if I see something I just MUST have for Keira and this bean (still no name by the way) – I’ll grab it. I have made one purchase of three items from a momma in Florida who makes head bands, clippies and the like. $18 for three amazingly cute headbands that I’m hoping the bean will keep on her little head. Keira might just want to start wearing them too if she sees Sissy wearing them! Fingers crossed!

Do you have any stay at home mommies that you buy from on a regular basis? I have ButterBeans&ChicPeas and then I found SassyPants which is where I got those headbands I was telling you about. I’ve bought several things from BB&CP and she’s wonderful! Leave a link in the comments if you would like to your favorite places to shop and I will check them out!

I’m. So. Done.

With this WEATHER!!!

I do not like winter, AT ALL. Winter’s here are usually just cold and rainy. It’s never cold enough to snow and when it is everyone freaks out for no reason cause nothing ever really happens.

Well…..it DID HAPPEN!!! TWICE!!!

The last week of January my son’s school was closed for two days because of ice and snow.
2014-01-28 11.10.11This was me leaving work at 11 a.m. to pick Keira up from daycare. It had only been snowing for like two hours. Seth called and told me he was getting on the bus and I told him that was fine (and that was at 11:30). Know when he got home? 2:30. THREE hours on a bus that usually only takes an hour to drop him off. Roads were bad and yet my husband was still at work cause they wouldn’t let anyone go.

Then….on Monday night….it started again.
2014-02-11 10.30.46This is our backyard on Tuesday morning. A few inches but nothing really on the roads. Jeremy went to work Tuesday and Wednesday. I stayed home with the kiddos. Wednesday, everything that fell on Tuesday and that night….melted. I thought YES – DONE. OVER. I was wrong. It started snowing again on Wednesday night and it was even worse.
2014-02-13 08.10.17The lighting sucks….sorry. It was about 7am on Thursday morning. You can barely see where the driveway and the road are. I started to fix breakfast and Jeremy ran out to see how much there really was. EIGHT inches of snow. UGH. I think I was getting cabin fever by this point. It was day three for me staying at home with the kids and if you know me at all you know that I hate missing work for any reason and that I HATE being cooped up inside for a long period of time.

Our power never went out (as you can see we have underground utilities) but we still had downed trees on the main roads which lead to our subdivision. Thankfully none of those trees took lines with them so we were good. Those around us, not so much. Most of my friends and family in the area lost power and some went as long as 48 hours without it, a few more than that. Still – today – some people I know don’t have power. So I thank God that we kept ours (I would have went even more crazy)!!!!

Thankfully today, I am back at work!!!! Keira’s daycare was open again and she’s having a Valentine’s Day party at school (I picked up the cupcakes I ordered last night). I hope she has so much fun! Seth school is closed AGAIN. At this point they will start having to make up days which means they probably won’t get out of school until sometime in early June. He was with me at my office for a while (till my doctor appointment) and then he went to hang out with his Uncle Johnathan (who brought me flowers and chocolate yesterday – Best Brother Ever right there)!! Jeremy is back at work today as well. He didn’t go in yesterday and stayed home with me and kiddos. I’m glad….at least I had an adult to talk to.

As far as my appointment….I’ve gained around 10 pounds total. I am 24 weeks and 4 days so we have a little less than 16 weeks left. We have already done our taxes (wooo hooo) and when we get them back we will be getting the crib, the mattress, a car seat, a double stroller and a bassinet. The rest of the money will be put back for when I am out of work with no pay (I get 6 weeks of 80% pay then 6 weeks without pay). I stayed out with Keira for 12 weeks and it was the best decision ever, I did the same with Seth….I think. I am pretty sure I stayed out at least 9 weeks with him.

Any how….I feel like the baby (and me) are better prepared at 12 weeks. They don’t seem so fragile and tiny as they do when they are 6 weeks and I feel I know their cycles good enough to let who ever will be watching them know everything they need to.

The only road block we have is that we haven’t picked a name yet. We have a list….but we haven’t narrowed it down yet. When we do I will let you know. Also, while all the snow was happening….I baked and cooked A LOT. I even borrowed sugar from the neighbor to make snow cream cause I used all ours making poppy-seed muffins. I’ll have to get her something extra for letting me borrow 5 pounds of sugar!!

How’s the weather been where you are?

Oh Baby…..

I went to a baby appointment on the 17th with Jeremy (which was also his birthday).

My blood pressure is still good. According to their charts I have officially gained 6 pounds but my scale at home still says around 145 on some days (which my starting weight was 142 according to the chart). The mid-wife I see says that I should gain about a pound a week from here on out which means a total gain of 26ish pounds. I hope and pray that’s all I gain! With Seth I gained 65 (I was a whopping 120 pounds when I got pregnant with him – MAYBE). With Keira I gained 45 pounds (and I weighed the same as I did starting with this bun) – so 25 pounds sounds about right.

Bean, Bun – whatever you want to call her – is still a girl – woo hoo! Since I was 20 weeks they wanted to take measurements and such so we got to see her again. The way she’s measuring, my due date moved “unofficially” to around June 7th instead of the 2nd. Which they won’t actually change it on my chart but they made a note of it. Keira was 19-1/2″ long and only weighed 6 pounds and 14 ounces when she was born. Seth was 9 pounds 1 ounce and I think 21″ long. I feel horrible I can’t remember but that was almost 12 years ago (I still have his baby book though with everything in it – so at least there is that).

What have we bought for baby yet? Nothing. Well, unless you count the new boppy cover I bought. We got it at Target and it was like $11 bucks or something. Green with butterflies and lady bugs on it. I figured with Keira still using it (yup, as a pillow) and then the new bun using it, we would need more than the two we had. Next on our list to buy? The bassinet. We figure this baby will stay in our room till she’s at least 3 months old, like Keira did, so there is no super rush to get a crib and mattress and a bedding set. After the bassinet we will get the car seat (cause we still can’t decide on which one to get).

Keira has been using the potty on and off. We need to get a traveling potty thing for her to use at restaurants (like one that fits on the toilets in the bathrooms) and at people’s houses. If we had that I think the potty training would go a little better.

Seth has been doing good in classes at school. Tomorrow he gets to go out for lunch with 80ish other kids cause he had no missed work and at least a B in all his classes. Which is great cause the first 9 weeks he had a 70 in science – so this means he has brought it WAY up. So proud of him.

Also – if you want to buy me anything (family and friends I’m talking to here) just search my name here. I have maternity clothes on there, shoes, jewelry. Just stuff I love I would amazingly love you for if you bought it for me. Be it for my birthday (in May if you forget) or for my may or may not happen Baby Sprinkle thing……

If you want to buy stuff for the BUN…..search here for my name. Yes there are 89 items on there. But there are two car seats and three bassinets since we haven’t fully decided on either one of those yet. Other stuff is obvious like diapers, wipes, new blankets & new clothes. I haven’t finished going through all of Keira’s old clothes and washing and hanging and putting away because I still haven’t bought hangers or drawer dividers. Maybe that should be next on the list of what I buy…….

Anyway…..there is an update for you!

Remember, you can comment on my posts…..I don’t think people think they can do that……I think it’s nice….. :)